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Tech Amenities

Tech Savvy Security Features

Tech Savvy Security Features

The Latch system is the main entry to our buildings.  The main entry Latch system also houses a still camera in the lock, which will take a still photo of every person entering or leaving the building.  The Latch system used on the main entry of the building also consists of a fully digital and app friendly directory, which will make contact from visitors to our residents streamlined and very user friendly.  When a visitor arrives, they will easily be able to locate the resident and the resident will be notified on the phone line of their choice.  Our system is equipped with a full video system, which will be displayed on the residents’ cellular device (in the event that is the line of choice used).  From the residents’ mobile application, they will be able to grant or deny access to the visitor and be able to speak to them via their mobile device.


Tech Savvy Mail Room

Tech Savvy Mail Room

Here at North Cornwall Commons Apartments we have a state of the art mail room fully equipped with more than just the standard United States Postal Service mail boxes.  While each apartment will indeed have their own mailbox for use by the USPS for incoming mail as well as an outgoing mailbox for the USPS to retrieve outgoing mail, there will also be a fully digital, app compatible, parcel management system by Package Concierge.  This will allow for all carriers to deliver packages too large for the USPS standard apartment mailboxes in a secure manner.  The best part about this system is that our residents will be notified immediately of their package delivery.  Via an app on our residents’ mobile device, they will be able to access their package and the package will be marked as picked up to the carrier.  There is also an outgoing parcel function that works much the same way.


DSC 3892State of the Art Work Out Facilities

  • Professionally equipped athletic center
  • Echelon Reflect Fitness Mirror
  • Echelon Connect Smart Bikes
  • Peloton


  • Functional work from home space
  • Big screen TV
  • Public Wi-Fi


  • Security Monitoring 24/7
  • Latch Security System on all exterior entrances & interior apartment entrances
    • controllable through the Latch app
  • Still cameras housed in each deadbolt
  • Security cameras on the exterior & in common areas
  • Digital directory at Main Entrance
  • Intercom to Leasing Office during normal hours of operationDSC 3935

State of the Art Mail Room

  • Digital kiosk with mobile phone user-friendly app
  • Full incoming & outgoing mail center
  • Package Concierge for all parcels (larger than an envelope) for all carriers' usage


  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Premier parking available by month for a fee
  • Specified visitor parking

Pre-Installed Telecommunications

  • Internet modem housed in inset wall cabinet inside the Primary Bedroom closet
  • Cable modem(s) housed in inset wall cabinet inside the Primary Bedroom closet, hard-wired to living room with additional wireless modems available for bedroom(s)
  • Landline phone outlet in kitchen
    • Installed & ready to activate - one call needed for activation!

North Cornwall Commons Apartments
410 Springwood Drive
Lebanon, PA 17042