Mick's All-American Pub Opens in North Cornwall Commons!


On Tuesday, November 16th, a new location of Mick's All-American Pub opened it's doors for customers in North Cornwall Commons. Alongside other locations in Lilitz, Lancaster City, and Mount Joy, Mick's is a full-service pub with dining and bar seating as well as an outdoor space. The exclusive outdoor dining space features a sliding glass door leading to a year-round patio. Mick stated that the pandemic has taught them the importance and value of having outdoor dining and customers are sure to enjoy choosing between enjoying their meal indoors or outdoors all year long. The restaurant has a wide variety of food and drink options, which are set to be duplicates of the menu options available at other locations, allowing customers to continue to get fan-favorites. At the same time, the menu is so vast and inclusive that the options to choose from are nearly endless. Excepting sushi and Asian food, Mick's is able to offer most everything else. Even better, the menu is regularly revised to include new items so customers will come back to try the new delicious offerings. We are thrilled to have another Mick's at an additional one of our Byler Holding's locations.

West Building is Moving Along!

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